Accelerating Net Zero

Industries in Transition: Investing for Impact

December 7, 2020

In this episode, Daniel Hanna, Global Head of Sustainable Finance at Standard Chartered, shares key highlights of Standard Chartered’s first Sustainable Finance Impact Report, which quantifies the impact of the EUR 500m Sustainability Bond of July 2019 and discloses the USD3.9bn of Sustainable Assets that are aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in our Sustainable Finance portfolio. These include loans to renewable energy, healthcare, education as well as microfinance and SME lending in low-income countries.

Our network means that we are providing finance in emerging markets where the need for funding as a positive catalyst for change is greatest, for example, financing a solar project in India will help avoid more than seven times the CO2 from a similar-sized project in France, given the current sources of power on those countries’ grids.

This podcast is part of the Industries in Transition series.